Leaded Glass Work
Window Reconstruction
Stained Glass Commissions
Public Buildings

6 ways you can tell your windows need help.

Work in lead channel, copper foiling Tiffany style, includes framework and wood restoration and rebuilding.

Email Tom Gloudemans
or call 603-525-4129

33 North Road
Hancock, NH 03449

Fine Wood Commissions and Restorations
Conservation of existing crafted windows, Tom Gloudemans has the experience to offer solutions for saving existing pieces.
He is available for on-site work.

Fine Wood
and New Glass Commissions

Private commissioned pieces can be ordered. Examples representing some of the past commissions include a home library, benches, a hearth, shower, night stands as well as constructing his own home by hand from trees cut from his property in Hancock, New Hampshire.
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